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Dragne & Asociații Announces Attorney Promotions

Dragne & Asociații is pleased to announce that nine of its attorneys have been promoted to Managing Associate and Senior Associate status.

The new positions represent the practice areas of the law firm and are the result on the internal evaluation for the past years. Zoe Lungu, Camelia Floca, Gabriel Paraschiv, Bogdan Toma and Mihai Costea are the new Managing Associates, this being the largest promotions round for the firm in recent years.

The new appointed lawyers and their specializations are briefly listed below:

Zoe Lungu is part of Dragne & Asociații team since the law firm was founded in 2010, and specializes in commercial law and insolvency.

Part of the consulting team in the Real Estate area of practice, Corporate and M&A, Camelia Floca joined the team in 2011. She has extensive experience in large real estate projects (including construction and arbitrations), competition, mergers and acquisitions (now is attending remote the “Fundamentals of Mergers and Acquisitions” course at the Webster University Vienna) and energy.

Gabriel Paraschiv began his career with Dragne & Asociații and he is an excellent practitioner in commercial law and insolvency, including cross-border litigation. Also, he was involved in all domestic and international arbitration teams throughout the years. Gabriel follows a Civil Procedural Law Doctoral programme, at “Titu Maiorescu” University of Bucharest and he is an authorized mediator.

Being part of the team for five years, Bogdan Toma specializes in civil law, especially in real estate and related litigation cases. Furthermore, he provides assistance in judicial and extrajudicial real estate claims and/or pursuing of various compensations.

Mihai Costea is a labour law and consumer rights veteran. He provides legal assistance also in restructuring projects and insolvency labour law.

The four litigators that have been promoted to the role of Senior Associates this spring are Ana – Maria Filip, Ana Georgia Mirea, Cătălin Barbu and Andrei Iancu. Their activity focuses mainly on tax law, insolvency, commercial arbitration and corporate law.

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