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Law 7/1996 has been amended

Law 60/2012 has brought few changes to the Law no. 7/1996 regarding cadastre and real estate publicity [in Romanian Legea nr. 7/1996 a cadastrului si publicitatii imobiliare], such as: the public notary who drafted an act having as object the transmission, modification, establishment or extinguishment of an immovable property right is obliged to request, ex […]

Town planning law was amended

Art. 29 of Law no. 350/2001 regarding the town development and town planning was amended by Law no. 221/2011 published in the Official Gazette no. 852/2011 [in Romanian, Lege nr. 221 din 29 noiembrie 2011 pentru modificarea alin. (2) al art. 29 din Legea nr. 350/2001 privind amenajarea teritoriului şi urbanismul]. Law no. 221/2011 provides […]