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Amendments to the legal framework of credit institutions

Government Ordinance no. 1/2012 for amending and supplementing certain enactments regarding credit institutions – published in the Official Gazette no. 41 of 18 January 2012 [in Romanian,  Ordonanta nr. 1 din 11 ianuarie 2012 pentru modificarea si completarea unor acte normative din domeniul institutiilor de credit]. Two important Government Ordinances regulating the banking sector have […]

Amendments to the banking legislation

Order no. 26/2011 issued by the National Bank of Romania regarding certain provisions for the application of the banking prudential requirements was published in the Official Gazette no. 903 of December 20, 2011 with a view to implement the International Financial Reporting Standards at individual level [in Romanian, Ordin nr. 26 din 9 decembrie 2011 […]