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Stelian Garofil quoted on the Government’s initiative to set up commercial law courts

The Romanian Minister for the Business Community, Small Businesses and Tourism, Mrs. Maria Grapini, stated that she works on a project that would require all commercial litigation cases to be solved by specialized law courts. She aims at setting up five commercial law courts at a national level, dealing with all commercial disputes in Romania.

Stelian Garofil, Deputy Managing Partner at Dragne & Asociatii, commented on the Minister’s initiative for Ziarul Financiar. He explained that the setting up of commercial law courts is not a new concept, as it was a project under the old Civil Procedure Code, but it was never implemented because of the lack of logistical means and specialized staff.

In his opinion, it would be impossible for five law courts to solve all the commercial disputes in Romania, as this would cover the work of 43 tribunals all over the country.


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