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Iulia Ciobotaru quoted on small businesses vs telecom operators disputes on wall-street.ro

Iulia Ciobotaru, Associate at Dragne & Asociatii, was quoted in an April 27 article by wall-street.ro under the title “Which are the most recurrent disputes in the relationship between small businesses and telecom operators?”.

As the title says, the article refers to the disputes that arise most frequently between communication providers and their users: disputes regarding the providers’ asks for damages for early termination or debt recovery. Iulia Ciobotaru states that those disputes do not usually end up in court, most of them being solved amiably or by resorting to the specialized authority, ANCOM. ANCOM may apply sanctions to the communication providers if the latter do not include in their contracts the minimal mandatory clauses and if the disputes between users and providers are not solved amiably. She added that the users’ right to complaint before ANCOM does not interfere with their right to revert to a court of law.

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