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Romania Introduces Alternative Jurisdiction for Traffic Violation Complaints Effective July 27, 2023

Romania Introduces Alternative Jurisdiction for Traffic Violation Complaints: Effective July 27, 2023

The Romanian Parliament has recently passed a new law that brings significant changes to the process of filing complaints against traffic violations. With the enactment of Law no. 254/2023, which amends Article 118, paragraph (1) of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002 concerning traffic on public roads, Romania Introduces alternative jurisdiction for traffic violation complaints aimed to create a more efficient and accessible legal system.

A Notable Legislative Shift

Effective July 27, 2023, the new law comes into force, marking a significant change in Romania’s approach to traffic violation complaints. Until now, complaints against traffic tikets were limited to being filed within 15 days from the communication of the traffic tiket, and only to the court within whose competent area the violation occurred.

However, the latest piece of legislation introduces a significant change, providing individuals and legal entities with an alternative option for filing complaints (alternative jurisdiction). As of the aforementioned date, complainants can now approach the court in whose territorial range the offender has their domicile or headquarters. This shift aims to offer an alternative jurisdiction for the resolution of traffic violation complaints, thereby alleviating the burden on offenders who previously had to travel back to the location where the traffic violation was committed.

Addressing Past Inconsistencies

The amendment to Article 118, paragraph (1) was prompted by the need to address inconsistencies between different laws, particularly between Government Emergency Ordinance no. 195/2002 and Government Ordinance no. 2/2001. The previous lack of synchronization between these laws created confusion and uncertainty regarding jurisdiction, leading to complications in the legal process.

A Streamlined and Accessible Legal Framework

With the new law now in effect, Romania seeks to streamline the process of dealing with traffic violations. By providing an alternative jurisdiction for filing complaints, the legislative change enhances accessibility to justice for all parties involved. Offenders and complainants alike will have the option to choose the most convenient jurisdiction based on their location or headquarters, fostering a fair and accessible legal process.


As of July 27, 2023, Romania a notable legislative shift in handling traffic violation complaints with the enactment of Law no. 254/2023. The alternative jurisdiction option represents a significant step towards achieving a more efficient and accessible legal system. By addressing past inconsistencies and embracing a streamlined approach, Romania aims to create a fair and just environment for individuals and legal entities.