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Dragne & Asociatii at “stop cyberbullying!” Workshop, Cluj, 2018

Dragne & Asociatii recently attended a “STOP Cyberbullying!” Workshop organized in Cluj – Napoca, Romania, on 24th July, 2018, starting with 17:00, where Senior Associate, Georgiana Dragomiroiu participated with the lecture about Cyberbullying at workplace and in business.

The event addressed both parents and businesses and gathered experts in the field and representatives of local authorities who followed the debate key issues in efforts to combat the phenomenon of Cyberbulling, analyzed from a medical as well as a psychological and legally point of view.

Regarding the behavioral manifestations of cyberbulling in Romania, the Romanian state currently has not a specific legal framework to sanction bullying behavior in general.

On 25th  October 2016, the  law draft on preventing and combating “bullying / mobbing”  was registered to Senate for debate.

In the proposed regulation, the notion of bullying has received the following definition: “it is that intimidation and persecution behavior of one or more persons, characterized by verbal harassment acts, by use of force, threat, coercion, abusive, intimidating or aggressive domination, if all these do not meet the constituent elements of the criminal offence, in order to form, impose or to maintain a superiority  perception of the aggressor, on the one hand, and the inferiority of the victims, on the other hand, so as to affect mental, emotional, the image and the reputation of the victims.”

Also, in light of the legislative proposal, the committing of such acts by several people is called “mobbing”, and if these are repeated and are made with intention, will become subject of disciplinary action under the Labor Code, as misbehavior.

Regarding the regulation of physical violence at work in the European Union, some Member States have enacted specific legislation, while others felt that the civil/ criminal/ environmental/ health and safety law is sufficient to cover these types of psychological aggression at the workplace.

The workshop was organized by IUGA & Associates law firm from Cluj in collaboration with Dragne & Asociatii.