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The “Big Brother” Law

The “Big Brother Law” The law no. 82/2012 regarding the retention of general data or data processed by the electronic communications public networks providers and electronic communications for public use providers was published in the Official Gazette no. 406/2012 [in Romanian, LEGE nr. 82 din 13 iunie 2012 privind retinerea datelor generate sau prelucrate de […]

Changes in the fiscal legislation

Amendments brought to the fiscal legislation In view of complying with the commitments undertaken by the Romanian Government towards the IMF, Government Emergency Ordinance no. 24/2012 (“GEO 24/2012”) for amending and supplementing the Fiscal Code was enacted [in Romanian Ordonanta de urgenta nr. 24 din 6 iunie 2012 pentru modificarea si completarea Legii nr. 571/2003 privind […]

Law 7/1996 has been amended

Law 60/2012 has brought few changes to the Law no. 7/1996 regarding cadastre and real estate publicity [in Romanian Legea nr. 7/1996 a cadastrului si publicitatii imobiliare], such as: the public notary who drafted an act having as object the transmission, modification, establishment or extinguishment of an immovable property right is obliged to request, ex […]

Amendments to the the law enforcing the New Civil Code

Law 60/2012 has brought substantive changes to the Law 71/2011 on the enforcement of Law no. 287/2009 on the Civil Code [in Romanian Legea nr. 71/2011 pentru punerea în aplicare a Legii nr. 287/2009 privind Codul civil]: Among the most relavant amendments are the following: in the laws on the consumer’s rights protection, the term […]

Amendments to the Electronic Archive operations

Law no. 60/2012 has amended the Government Ordinance no. 79/2011 which, at its  turn, had modified the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 89/2000 on authorizing operators and making entries in the Electronic Archive [in Romanian Ordonanţa Guvernului nr. 89/2000 privind unele măsuri pentru autorizarea operatorilor şi efectuarea înscrierilor în Arhiva Electronică de Garanţii Reale Mobiliare]. The […]

Amendments to the Civil Code

In the Official Gazette no. 255 of April 17, 2012 was published the Law no. 60/2012 (“Law 60/2012”) approving the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 79/2011 regulating certain measures required for the enforcement of Law no. 287/2009 on the Civil Code [in Romanian Legea nr. 60 privind aprobarea Ordonanţei de urgenţă a Guvernului nr. 79/2011 pentru […]