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Ion Dragne on the new Civil Procedure Code

Ion Dragne, Managing Partner at Dragne & Asociatii, authored an article regarding the New Civil Procedure Code in the business daily Ziarul Financiar. The New Civil Procedure Code has entered into force on February the 15th 2013.

Ion Dragne explained that the new Civil Procedure Code maintains many of the traditional legal institutions, but either in a more modern form, or by introducing some new instruments. These are aimed to  ensure the observance of the parts’ rights, the strengthening of judicial discipline and the development of the judicial procedures in a reasonable and predictable period of time. According to Mr. Dragne, a vast reform was needed to accelerate the settlement of disputes, simplify the legal procedures and unify the jurisprudence.

The new Civil Procedure Code will also have a positive impact on the business community, more predictable solutions meaning a better planning for companies.

Ion Dragne was also interviewed by Business24.ro and Daily Business on the subject of the New Civil Procedure Code and the changes it brings in the management of lawsuits.

 Download the file – Ziarul Financiar [PDF, 245 KB] Download the file – Business24.ro [PDF, 42 KB] Download the file – Daily Business [PDF, 86 KB]