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Delia Bosman quoted by Business24.ro on the lump-sum tax

Companies active in the services sector will pay a lump-sum tax starting with January the 1st 2013.  The tax will be applied for certain locations in the services industry such as bed and breakfasts, bars, restaurants or beauty salons. Delia Bosman, Deputy Managing Partner Dragne & Asociatii, commented on this initiative for Business24.ro. She explained that the […]

Anamaria Gavrila on dealing with a mortgage loan after divorce

Anamaria Gavrila, Senior Associate at Dragne & Asociatii, explained for the business publication Capital what happens with a mortgage loan that was contracted during a marriage when the couple divorces. She commented on the various possibilities that can arise from such a situation, showing who is responsible for the loan in each case and what are the options to […]

Bogdan Toma on the lump-sum tax

Bogdan Toma, Senior Associate at Dragne & Asociatii, was quoted by the business publication Wall-Street.ro on the effects of the lump-sum tax, that the government wants to introduce in certain activity fields, such as tourism and the services industry. Bogdan Toma stated that the initiative could be effective in controlling the fiscal evasion in certain sectors that are […]

Delia Bosman on the establishment of commercial law courts

Delia Bosman, Deputy Managing Partner Dragne & Asociatii, was quoted by Business24.ro on the subject of specialized commercial law courts, which the Minister of Justice, Mr. Robert Cazanciuc, intends to create. Delia Bosman expressed her concerns regarding this initiative, and stated that, without the proper personnel and logistical means, the commercial law courts will not be able […]

Stelian Garofil quoted on the subject of insolvency trends

Stelian Garofil, Deputy Managing Partner at Dragne & Asociatii, was quoted by Daily Business on the subject of insolvency trends and how fraudulent insolvencies are used by debtors to avoid paying their creditors. Stelian Garofil stated that fraudulent insolvencies are not a mass phenomenon, but rather, the large number of insolvency cases that have emerged in […]