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Anamaria Gheorghiu quoted on the “solidarity tax”

Anamaria Gheorghiu was interviewed by business24.ro on the subject of the “solidarity tax”, an initiative of the Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who would like to implement it next year. Thus, the Romanian government analyses these days an additional tax of 16% for the public sector pensions and salaries that exceed 4,500 RON/month. The solidarity tax would be enforced only for the sums that exceed the 4,500 RON threshold, and not to the entire income.

In the interview, Anamaria Gheorghiu discussed whether this tax is discriminatory or not, and she has also opinionated on its impact on the state budget and on the economy in general. Additionally, she has commented on other measures that are on the executive’s agenda, such as the exemption of VAT for registered sole traders and microenterprises that have a turnover of less than 65,000 Euro per year and the tax on fast-food and beer.

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