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Germany and Austria: Forerunners of 5G security measures?

The subject of cyber security of 5G networks is currently on the discussions table in all European countries. Preliminary steps for the implementation of 5G network security measures should have been completed by 30 April, according to the timetable initially proposed by the European Commission[1]. Subsequently, a joint report was to be released by each state on the implementation of […]


Compatibility of 5G cyber security measures with free trade

I. Context At the beginning of year 2020, the NIS[1] Cooperation Group has published a set of cyber security measures as means to implement the 5G system (titled 5G Network EU Toolbox Risk Mitigating Measures) pursuant to article 14 and 15 of Commission Recommendation (EU) 2019/534 of 26.03.2019- Cyber security of 5G networks. As such, a set of technical and strategic […]