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The Insolvency Law Changed by the New Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure

By means of article 175 of Law no.187/2012 for applying the Law no. 286/2009 regarding the Criminal Code, published in The Official Gazette no. 757 on the 12.11.2012, Ist part, and entered into force on the 1.02.2014, there are several changes brought to Law no.85/2006 considering the insolvency procedure: The suspensive effect of commencing the procedure becomes unplayable in case […]

The Position of the Constitutional Court Regarding Changes Made to the Criminal Code (I)

By Decision No. 2 of 15th of January, 2014 published in the Official Gazette no. 71 dated  January 29th, 2014, the Constitutional Court admitted the unconstitutionality of the provisions of art. I sect. 5 and art.II sect. 3 of the Law amending and supplementing certain normative acts and unique article of the Law amending the art.253 ind. 1 of the Criminal […]